Corporate Stress Management
“The recession is a good time for businesses to be working on promoting good staff wellbeing. You’ve got to look after your staff. If you haven’t got staff, you haven’t got a business. It’s as simple as that.”                                    

                                                 Duncan Bannatyne
“Stress has implications in the workplace both in terms of employee well-being and business effectiveness. It is important that employers take the problem seriously.”

Ben Willmott
CIPD  Employee Relation Advisor
Corporate Stress Management

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Stress in the News

Stress is quickly becoming the biggest risk to UK organisations. Click here to read more about the events hitting the headlines. 

April 2014EU-OSHA launches a two year Europe-wide campaign: ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress

Campaign launched to call on workers and employers to tackle work related stress. Click here for more information.

Coming Soon! Corporate Resilience Retreats

New for 2014. Based on the hugely successful Euthenia Resilience Training programmes, the Corporate Resilience Retreat will help attendees become more resilient, positive and confident, enabling them to create a culture of resilience in their workplace.

 Click here to find out more.

Who are Euthenia Touch?

Euthenia Touch is one of the first companies to offer services in accordance with the new BSI Standards in Psychosocial Risk Management. We boast a wealth of expertise in business consultancy, health and safety and employee training, providing a comprehensive understanding of the importance of employee wellbeing. Our Managing Director is a known specialist in the field and has written for a number of of specialist publications including Personnel Today, Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) and Occupational Health. Previous clients range from local authorities to global financial and technological institutions.

Are you looking for services in stress management training? Manager Resilience? Risk assessments? Manager training? Contact us for more information or a free no obligation quote at We work across the country and strive to meet the unique needs of every client. 

What do we do?

Named after the Greek goddess of prosperity, Euthenia Touch offers a range of services to help companies comply with the current legislations in corporate stress management, improve productivity and enhance employee health.

David Amess, Conservative MP, fully supports our work: "A positive, healthy workforce is a successful workforce. This is particularly true in today’s highly strung society and in these grave economic times. I applaud the work done by Euthenia Touch in promoting the necessity of staff well being, and in helping businesses achieve this vital goal.”

Zebra Stress Management Theory

Zebras, like many other animals, don't suffer from stress. They may lack some of the more intricate intellectual abilities that mankind boast, but they certainly know how to deal with stress. If a zebra sees a lion on the horizon, they act. They don't complain. They do not try to negotiate with the lion. They don't wait hoping the lion won't notice them. They use natural instinct and leave the situation. 

Earn your stripes. Recognise the stressors in your organisation and deal with them.


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